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How will Québec get rid of Charest and the Liberals?


Translation from this text from Normand Lester (21 sept 2011)

At first, nobody wanted of Jean Charest in Québec. Jean Charest himself was not interested in becoming chief of the Liberal party and Prime Minister of Québec. John James Charest, by his real name, dreamed of becoming Prime Minister of Canada. 
But English Canada decided otherwise. In the years which followed the stolen referendum of 1995 (lost by few votes by the independentists), the economic groups which dictate the Canadian policy while financing the careers of the politicians decided that Charest was the only one able to defend the "canadian concept" in case of another referendum.

Charest wanted nothing of that. The money forces had to grant a generous secret subsidy to Charest so that he would agree to take the head of the Liberal party of Québec. The fact that he was a Conservative did not have any importance, for those who were buying him. He was Canadian! Liberal or Conservative is more of the same for the Canadian economic elite. As for the gangsters, with the schemers and opportunists who constitute the liberal party, only power accounts, and its possibilities of enrichment. If one needs Charest, one takes Charest. Capiche?
The PLQ enjoys an exceptional advantage on all other Québécois political parties. It is ensured, now and for always, of the unconditional support of the anglos and non-francophones, and in particular of the Italians and the Jews. Starting from this base which is in full expansion, the PLQ has good chances for a sufficient plurality of votes to control insofar as the French-speaking majority divides its allegiance between several parties.

This is how "we got" Charest

As soon as Charest was elected, the italian mafia which controls whole pieces of industry and trade unions of construction, took in hand the management of the State in the most advantageous sectors for its activities. The interesting corruptible sectors of the municipal level were already under their cane.
An ex of the RCMP Police, which had to work in international investigations with the Italian police force, recently told me that the Mafia had as much influence with the PLQ and in the Québec's construction industry that in the similar institutions in Sicily.

Some will call upon the still honest liberal deputies to revolt against Jean Charest. Between the principles, uprightness, honesty, fidelity with its oath of deputy and misappropriation and the power, they made their choice a long time ago. There are no more people without reproaches in this party. The Liberal party of Québec has the paces of a criminal conspiracy. Its deputies and members are now at least accomplices after the facts which benefit from the products of criminality.

So here we are now.

The only way now to kick out Charest is to call upon the just agents and police officers who are inquiring into this cluster of red rubbish on which some godfathers pluri-millionaires reign.

The justice system is blocked. Your integrity and your probity are in question. Never your investigations will succeed if you stick to the rules and normal procedures. If you are really in heart your social responsibility, it is necessary that you go beyond the law. The only way of ensuring you that justice is made is to transmit compromising  information to the medias. Popular opprobrium. It is a form of expeditious justice, but it is the only one we have left.

Follow the example of your courageous colleague who ran the Duchesneau report on corruption. We onlly require that five, ten, twenties among you follow in his footsteps.

It's all depending on you to get us rid of Charest and the PLQ.

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