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Quebecers have an identity. What about Canadians?

While Québec has a culture and an identity well asserted, the same is not necessarily true about those of the rest of Canada. From there come the efforts of the federal government (Heritage Canada, propaganda Canada, etc.) to create an identity which is based on something more solid that the national health insurance program. But in Canada, it is impossible to write a national history which make consensus because there are two different, opposing national stories", that of the founding French nation of the country, and that of the English who came to conquer, destroy and rape all that was not white anglo-saxon protestant 150 years later. 

Heritage Canada ("Minutes du patrimoine") don't say a word about that bloody part of Canada's history.

" The arrogant conviction of English Canada that its State is morally superior to that of Québec insures a complete blocking of the current political situation. It also explains the hate and the racist skids which characterize the English-Canadian speech towards Québec.

The example comes from top. Did not the former PM Trudeau declare in front of the U.S.  Congress that the independence of Québec would be a crime against humanity?

The Québec project has the advantage to lean on a national identity more sound than that of the English-speaking majority in the process of dissolution in the american melting-pot. "

"In Canada, since 1760, there have been two sorts of political ethics: that applying to the British conquerors and the one that the conquered - the minorities - have to undergo."

(Normand Lester, "The black book of English Canada", 1, 2001)

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