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Ethnic politics in Canada, including against the founding French nation

Ethnic politics in Canada, including against the founding French nation's quest for liberty.

By John Frederick CONWAY. Debts to pay. Fresh Approach to the Québec Question. 1997 (1992)

"Efforts by English-Canadian political leaders and commentators to use the ethnic issus to smear the Québec sovereigntists reflect another dimension of the hypocrisy ans double standard so common in English-Canadian reactions to Québécois nationalism.

Recent federal strategy in Québec has been built on the cornerstones of "ethnic politics" and bloc voting, as have historical English-Canadian efforts to erase the "French fact" from the Conquest onward.

In recent canadian history it was the Liberal Party - commencing most notably with Clifford Sifton's immigration policies in western Canada - that used "ethnic" or recent "immigrant" politics to help secure its domination of federal politics from 1896 onward.

The use of ethnic politics was also evident in federalist actions in the 1995 referendum (Québec's independance from Canada) although it was not mentioned in the English Canadian media, leaving most Canadians in ignorance."

(IN: Normand Lester, "The black book of English Canada", 2,  2002)

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