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Sugar Sammy (Samir Khullar): behind the hideous federastic mask

Original en français ici.
Sugar Sammy: derrière le masque fédéraste hideux.
Short and clear opinion to share: "Behind the humor, an ideology".

"For once, Samir Khullar does not hide behind the humor and asserts that the French language "is overprotected" in Québec (I suppose he thinks that English is endangered?) and reminds everyone: "My favorite country is Canada".
Thus he finally openly assumes HIS WORK and POLITICAL AGENDA. 

This ex-member of the young liberals and anti-independance activist asserted in interview that he would be more effective as a humorist than as liberal and pro-Canadian activist. 

His latest move (anti Bill 101 ad) adds even more to an inistent practice of primary Québec bashing. 
Besides, his manager Nancy Oeswein, president of Auburn Moon Agency, sent 
(as reported in the news) a "GO FUCK YOURSELF" message to Maxime Laporte, president of the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montréal. "
Note: As you can see in the comments below, Nancy Oeswein denies having said that or having been Samir Khullar's manager. We must take her word for it for the moment being.
In Quebecer, we would call that "une coquerelle d'enfant de chienne".

2 commentaires:

  1. Could you please remove this article or my name from search engine. This message was a proven hoax, the minister apologized to me for this, I haven't been involved in sammys career in 4 years and never as a manager ( only as booker of colleges in U.S.). I have even left that industry. I was bullied and stalked for something I never said over an issue I haven't the slightest understanding of. And this still shows up in a search of me, which has just cost me a job. Please check the facts and be a responsible journalist!

  2. Chère Nancy, nous devons vous croire sur parole. Nous n'enlevons donc pas l'article, mais nous mentionnons votre déclaration dans le texte, tant dans la version anglaise (ici) que française sur l'autre blog mentionné dans le présent article.


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